Strategy of Preeminence

So, it’s like the secret to making business really soar is to have a passionate awareness and commitment to a higher purpose, and the higher purpose is not your own enrichment. It’s different kinds of financial, or psychic, or transactional enrichment of other people — helping their lives be better, helping them be more fulfilled, helping them get more out of the process, or out of life itself.

What problems are we going to help our clients solve? How can we have the most positive impact on the people we’re trying to sell to?

I encourage you to reflect on the sense that you have done a lot more for your clients, that your business stands for a lot more. That your life’s investment, the body of your work, has meant a lot more. It has enriched, protected, and enhanced a lot of people’s lives. And what you do for others, and for the lives of your staff, and the creation of value, the livelihood and contribution you have made, is and will be quite profound. It makes you feel a lot better about what you do.

I submit to you that until and unless you understand the higher purpose for your being in this business, you can’t begin to take advantage of your potential. Your purpose cannot be to get rich or you will never get rich. The purpose has got to be seeing what you can do and what you’ve done for others.

If you fail to value, acknowledge and respect the worth of what you have done, what you do, and how much more you will be doing for your clients… If you don’t respect and revere that, it’s shameful. If you do respect and revere that, you have a causal purpose to do it even more. And also help your client appreciate it so they can understand the significance of what it means to their lives.

Look at your purpose. Ask yourself this question. If I were on the receiving end, why would I want this? Why would I want to take advantage? What’s in it for me?

Ask yourself this question. So what? When you’re making a presentation or you’re figuring out what your ad should be like, ask yourself this question. Demonstrate to people that logic and emotion by acting is so much more preferable to them than inaction, from their benefit standpoint, not yours.

Your promotion or your sales approach has to answer the question that’s already on the client’s mind. People need to be told what you’re going to do for them and why. They don’t care how you’re going to do it; they want to know what’s in it for them. Tell me why and how your process would better my life, my circumstances, my situation, my security, my enrichment. And how well you do that is your credibility.

You’ll notice I very rarely will refer to anybody who buys anything from me or from any of our clients as Customers’. I try to refer to them totally and always as Clients. Why? Because it denotes a much higher level of relationship, a much, much greater sense of intimacy, bonding, trust, respect, authoritative respect. Most people don’t have authoritative respect in the selling environment. You do when you practice and live the Strategy of Preeminence.

Most people fall in love with their product or their company instead of falling in love with their client. If you have a higher cause or purpose, it has nothing to do with your getting rich. It has nothing to do with you being technologically the most sophisticated producer. It has everything to do with your bringing enhanced advantage, protection, benefit, richness of life or business, to a client.

If you can’t, honest to God, fall in love with your client, you’re in the wrong business, or you don’t appreciate your business, or you don’t appreciate your worth. If you appreciate it, but your team doesn’t, you’ve got to fall in love with your team and help them, lovingly but unflinchingly, and almost relentlessly see how to fall in love with the clients with you. It’s got to be a combined love affair.

A massive change will occur in your whole mindset when you can see your business as interacting and enhancing people and their lives. It’ll change totally the way you see things.

Most people think, What do I have to say to get people to buy?’ Instead you should say, What do I have to give? What benefit do I have to render?’ It’s nothing to do with sales shenanigans or trickery or schemes.

My purpose for all of you is to teach you how to become value creators or value generators. The more value you render others, the more value you generate, not for yourself, but for your clients, the more contribution you make to the richness of their lives, the more successful you will become, the more bonded you will be to them and they to you.

Break things down for people into simple steps. Little changes and shifts you give them make big differences.

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